"With a wealth of trading history spanning over a century, AKAG continuously strives to innovate, diversify and meet the changing demands and challenges of modern day markets."
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Email : jacob@akalmoayed.com
Tel : +973 17151212
Fax : +973 17211999
Mob : +973 39045894 

Investment Division
AKAG's diverse portfolio of business interests, teamed with a strong reputation for building successful divisions and partnerships, makes the group an obvious choice of partner for foreign and local financial institutions bringing investment ideas to the region.

The Investment Division is aided by the appointment of a number of A. K. Almoayed family members to the board of several public and private shareholding companies. With a proven interest in contributing to the economy and wellbeing of Bahrain as a nation, the group consistently looks at new potential areas and opportunities for investment, in both the local and international business arena.

Property Division
The Property Division is one of the longest established divisions of the A.K. Almoayed Group. The company's property portfolio is wide and varied, spanning all areas of the island and offering high quality housing and business solutions to both the residential and commercial sectors.

To cater to all residential and commercial tenants' needs and requirements, the Group runs an independent Maintenance Department to efficiently handle the day-to-day upkeep of properties and carry out any necessary repairs.

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