"Backed by a strong reputation for maintaining the highest standards of quality for goods and services, our focused and dedicated team has initiated a number of long-standing partnerships with regional and international conglomerates throughout the region."
Chairman's Message
It gives me great pleasure to launch our new website with a few words of gratitude to our wonderful customers for their loyal support over the many generations, and to register our appreciation for the diligent and professional attitude of the employees and management staff to whom we sincerely owe our success.

The A.K. Almoayed Group W.L.L (AKAG) takes pride in confirming its commitment to serving the community through the provision of high quality products at the lowest possible prices. There have been various changes to the location, the name and the products over the last hundred years, but the mission of serving our country and the industry has not changed.

AKAG is a family owned company specialising mainly in building materials and industrial products, as well as other items that the market opportunities present from time to time. Regional developments and progress of the oil-based economies in the Gulf led AKAG to diversify into other territories in the region and to expand the product portfolio by investment through joint ventures or direct share acquisitions.

Sister subsidiary companies BRC Weldmesh (Gulf) Ltd and Almoayed Wilhelmsen Ltd, as well as associate company QRC in Qatar, have enjoyed remarkable success since inception and further diversified their activities over the years.

AKAG is seeking further branching out in new directions and new territories, preferably in related activities, and we invite foreign and local investors to join us in expanding our operations into added avenues of service to the local and regional market. We also welcome serious proposals for investments in other Gulf countries.
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