"A reputation for excellence and strong commitment to Bahrain and the region have made AKAG a partner of choice for both regional businesses and international conglomerates."
Group Profile – AK Almoayed Group WLL
As pioneers in the supply of timber and steel to the Bahrain market, family owned company A.K Almoayed Group W.L.L (AKAG) remains at the forefront of trade and industry, not only in Bahrain but also throughout the region. With a wealth of trading history spanning over a century, AKAG continuously strives to innovate, diversify and meet the changing demands and challenges of modern day markets.

Having a firm foundation in building and construction materials, AKAG boasts an extensive product portfolio as the basis for its core activity. As one of Bahrain's leading trading houses, AKAG is a major stockist of key building materials catering to every requirement of the construction industry, including products like steel reinforcement bars, fencing, roofing, plywood, gypsum boards, timber, paints, structural steel, geotextiles, plastering accessories, manhole covers, scaffolding and galvanised sheets, etc.

The Group's innate awareness and adaptability to changing needs in the industry practices has led the company to diversify into other areas, such as the manufacture of building products, portable office systems, shipping and logistics, sports and leisure equipment as well as real estate and investment, thanks to a strong and aggressive sales and marketing team.

The reputation for excellence and the strong commitment to Bahrain and the region have made AKAG a partner of choice for both regional businesses and international conglomerates. The company continues to seek new potential areas for investment in Bahrain and in its own humble way contributes to the economy and wellbeing of the nation by creating more job opportunities for the local population to support the much needed fillip to the 'Bahrainisation' drive. Through the induction and involvement of the dynamic younger family members into the business, the company is now re-directing its efforts towards exploring new frontiers such as seeking innovative product solutions and state-of-the-art technologies, combined with an environmentally friendly disposition. The company has over the years entered into various joint ventures and marketing representations in the region, and owes its growth to the untiring efforts of its multicultural workforce, thanks to the direct endorsement of the group's commitment as an equal opportunity employer.

Both as a family owned business and an international partner, AKAG is continuously looking for investment opportunities and seeks global partners backed by technology and expertise who can offer added value and contribute positively to the Bahrain economy. The group takes immense pride in its commitment to overall growth.
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